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Monday, April 06, 2009

Cradlepoint Firmware 1.5.1 Provides Support for WiMAX USB Modems

Cradlepoint, who manufactures some of the best 3G EVDO/HSPA routers on the market, have created a firmware update for several of their popular routers that allows users to share their WiMAX service!

Cradlepoint had released a new firmware version for the MBR1000, CTR500, CBA250, and MBR800 routers that provides support for the
Clear USB modem, Sprint U300, and the ZTE TU25 (the XOHM USB device). With this latest firmware version, you can simply plug in any one of those WiMAX USB modems and share the connection with multiple computers either via WiFi (MBR1000 and CTR500 only) or ethernet cable.

The firmware update is available for FREE on 3Gstore (our sister site) via this link:


If you already own a Cradlepoint MBR1000/CTR500/CBA250/MBR800, you can simply install the new firmware and you'll be able to share your WiMAX connection!

Beginning today, all orders for these routers from 3Gstore will include a copy of this firmware on CD.

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