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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Clear 4G WiMAX Maps Available on 4Ginfo!

Clear 4G coverage in the Atlanta area
Clear 4G coverage in Atlanta

CLEAR now has 4G WiMAX networks active in several markets throughout the US - is YOUR hometown covered?

4Ginfo.com has now added an interactive tool to check Clear coverage by city or suburb. Check it out here: 4Ginfo.com/clearmaps

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Summer of 4G Recap - Whats New With WiMAX and LTE

These past few months have been exciting times for fans of 4G, from the early adopters who've been waiting for 4G for years to the folks who hadn't even heard of the technology until it became available in their city. We've seen expansion like crazy, the forming of strategic partnerships, and the beginning of a long drawn out battle between WiMAX and LTE for 4G supremacy. Need to catch up on your 4G news? Here's what's been going on this summer:

Clearwire greatly increased the size of its slice of 4G pie by expanding into Las Vegas, Atlanta, and several other cities this summer.

Sprint, Clearwire’s largest shareholder, expanded it’s network onto the Clearwire infrastructure to become the first national 3G/4G carrier.

Comcast Cable and Time Warner Cable, who are both investors in Clearwire, launch (and announce plans to do so) their 4G service on the Clear networks.

Cradlepoint integrates support for the new 4G devices onto their router line with a firmware update.

Samsung announces and releases the Mondi, the first "MID" or Mobile Internet Device to work on the Clear network.

Northern Michigan University becomes one of the first educational institutions to employ WiMAX as an alternative to campus wide Wifi hotspots.

Verizon also joined in the fray, completing its initial tests on its LTE network in two luck cities, Boston and Seattle.

For more updates on 4G, and for all the current news, check back with us regularly here on the 4G blog, and at 4ginfo.com!

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