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Thursday, July 29, 2010

3Gstore's Exclusive HTC EVO 4G Tipsheet and EVO 4G Resource Center

All customers who purchase the EVO from 3Gstore will get our 10-page HTC Evo Tipsheet FREE!

There are many reasons why people buy from 3Gstore - helpful pre-sales support, a great variety of products, competitive pricing, a solid reputation - but the technical support that 3Gstore provides their customers is what really makes 3Gstore stand out. While many of our competitors claim they offer tech support, when you call them, they will forward you to the manufacturer (which, depending on the manufacturer, can be a nightmare!); others do offer their own support but from inexperienced or poorly-trained reps who have never even used the products they're supporting. 3Gstore provides top-of-the-line tech support from our own 3G experts who use the equipment we sell on a daily basis (and live here in the US!). Our techs are able to troubleshoot issues and resolve the problem from experience, not by reading from a script!

In addition to the support we offer over the phone or email, the mobile broadband experts at 3Gstore also include exclusive resources with many of the products we sell (such as the 3Gstore Support CD we include with Cradlepoint routers, the Pepwave Surf Mini, and IP Switch). Our latest addition to our lineup of exclusive tipsheets for 3Gstore customers is our Sprint HTC EVO Tipsheet. This valuable resource makes setting up your HTC EVO smartphone as easy as possible, and includes lots of valuable guides for getting the most out of your phone. These guides are particularly helpful for new smartphone users who are unfamiliar with the Android platform, but are also helpful for seasoned smartphone users!

The EVO Tipsheet includes Step-by-Step guides on:
  • Activation
  • Backup/Syncing
  • Mac Syncing
  • Music Syncing
  • Mobile Hotspot Setup
  • Changing maximum allowed hotspot clients
  • Managing authorized hotspot clients
  • Checking RSSI (Signal Strength)

All customers who order the EVO from 3Gstore will be emailed this tipsheet when their order ships. If you already purchased your EVO from 3Gstore and would like to receive this tipsheet, email support "at" 3gstore.com with "EVO Tipsheet" in the subject line and include your order number in the body of the email.

3Gstore provides tipsheets like this to our customers for free. We have received countless emails from people that purchased elsewhere requesting to purchase our tipsheets to help them solve an issue that had caused them a lot of frustration and wasted time. With the horror stories we've heard of people purchasing from a company that didn't provide any help when they had a problem, it's a no-brainer that 3Gstore is the place to go for all of your mobile broadband needs!

3Gstore has also created the 3Gstore HTC EVO 4G Resource Center where you can find all of the content that we have published about the EVO 4G. Whenever we post any new EVO 4G content, it will still continue to show up on EVDOinfo as usual, but we will also update the EVO 4G Resource Center to include all of our EVO 4G related content.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CLEAR Spot 4G Infomark Biscuit Review

The CLEAR Spot 4G (AKA the Infomark Biscuit) is an all-in-one unit creates a mobile WiFi hotspot to provide 4G WiMAX internet access for up to 8 users anywhere CLEAR has 4G coverage. The CLEAR Spot 4G is very similar in features to the 3G/4G Sprint Overdrive or CLEAR Spot 4G+, except it can only be used on CLEAR's 4G network (whereas those other devices can also connect to Sprint's 3G network if 4G coverage isn't available). Since it is for 4G use only, the CLEAR Spot 4G is mainly targeted towards users live or work in CLEAR coverage areas and are looking for an alternative to cable, DSL, or dial-up internet. For users who only need 4G coverage and want to share the connection with multiple users, the CLEAR Spot 4G is an excellent choice since CLEAR's 4G monthly service plan is only $40/mo!

Read the full review on 4Ginfo:

CLEAR Spot 4G Infomark Biscuit Review

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4G WiMAX and LTE Latest Updates

The race for 4G technology is really starting to heat up as CLEAR and Sprint continue to expand coverage, Sprint released their much anticipated HTC EVO, Verizon announced LTE test markets and reports LTE capable phones are in the works! Below are the latest updates in the world of 4G:

WiMAX Coverage News:

Both Sprint and CLEAR have been working hard to bring 4G WiMAX to the following new markets, Richmond, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Kansas City and expanding coverage in Baltimore. CLEAR has also expanded coverage to Merced and Visalia, California; Eugene, Oregon; and Rochester and Syracuse, New York. Throughout the summer they plan to have coverage in 20 more major cities. On a more unofficial note, there have also been reports from customers in parts of New York and California that they are seeing 4G on their devices, despite the fact that 4G has not yet launched there.

WiMAX Equipment:

On June 4th, 2010 was the date that the HTC EVO was released, the worlds first 3G/4G capable phone! This phone is all about changing the way people use their phones with features such as the mobile hotspot (allowing you to use your EVO's 3G/4G connection to share with up to 8 devices via wireless). The device has been so popular, you currently can't find it in any stores as we all wait anxiously for another shipment. If touchscreen only devices aren't your style, Samsung has come to the rescue with the announcement of the Samsung Epic. This device will be the first 3G/4G phone with a full QWERTY keyboard.

As for WiMAX aircards, Sprint's Overdrive had gotten off to a rocky start because of some firmware issues, however, they have released a new firmware version 2.06.06 which has fixed the issue's users were complaining about. When ordering the Overdrive from 3Gstore, we make sure that every Overdrive shipped has version 2.06.06 pre-installed for you! Sprint has also released the new 250U 3G/4G aircard, which is the first device that includes the option for both a 3G and 4G antenna port (antennas currently work on 3G only). CLEAR announced that they'll be releasing 3G/4G portable hot-spots in July, which have been demanded ever since the popularity of the MiFi2200 3G devices.

LTE News:

As Sprint and CLEAR continue to expand coverage, Verizon has been focusing on their final testing phases (user trials in 5 markets - Boston, Seattle and 3 other unnamed cities). In early May, Verizon showed off their LTE network for the first time in Boston and the results were impressive. During the demonstrations they managed to get an 8.55Mbps download speed and a 2.8Mbps upload speed. Rural users can also start getting excited because they plan to partner with local companies that already have towers and backhaul available - Verizon will provide the LTE equipment and let the local providers manage the towers and backhaul. This strategy is planned to help them meet their goal of covering their entire 3G footprint with full 4G LTE coverage by 2013. Tips are also rolling in, rumoring that Verizon will be launching their 4G LTE service in 25 markets on 11/15/10, with several LTE handsets to follow on "Black Friday", which this year falls on 11/26.

LTE Equipment:

With the rumored LTE release date of 11/15, reports of various handset manufactures developing LTE handsets continue to roll in. RIM (manufacturers of Blackberry) is currently working one of the first LTE handsets for Verizon's LTE! This phone is being dubbed the BlackBerry Storm 3 has some impressive rumored spec's. The phone supposedly will feature a 1Ghz Processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. Aside from the storm there might be up to five other LTE phones by next May, from manufacturers such as Motorola, HTC, LG and BlackBerry.

Things are certainly heating up as we move through the summer months! We're sure there will be plenty of new devices in the upcoming months and can't wait to see Verizon's network first hand. That's all for now, 4G-lovers, but keep coming back for the latest updates at 4ginfo.com, and join in the 4G discussion on the 4G Forums!

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